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Artificial Intelligence Series Part II: Novel Use Cases and Future Trends

MIT Enterprise Forum is proud to assemble leaders in Artificial Intelligence in a two part series aimed at educating entrepreneurs about AI, machine learning, and how these technologies are being used in 2021. 

Artificial intelligence has long been on the mind of scientists, technologists, and science fiction writers and is a prevalent underpinning to everyday consumer products in 2021.  With this rich history of fiction and science, machine learning and artificial intelligence conjures complex, beautiful, media grabbing, and alluring ideas for entrepreneurs.

In Part II of our Artificial Intelligence series, the MIT enterprise forum has assembled panelists from organizations building novel solutions and services using AI, and investors that specialize in AI, machine learning, NLP, and analytics.

This forum will provide you insight into real world artificial intelligence use cases, share insight into future trends, and deliver prevalent guidance from AI technology investors.


Jun 02 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm




MIT Enterprise Forum SF


  • Adam Rubenstein
    Adam Rubenstein
    CEO - Traq365 Corporation

    Adam Rubenstein is a serial entrepreneur who has built 3 successful companies. In his current role as CEO and Co-Founder of Traq365, he oversees Sales, Strategy, and Operations. He most recently served as the Co-Founder & COO of MotionPoint Corporation. Adam holds 19 patents related to reverse proxy technologies.

    Prior to MotionPoint, Mr. Rubenstein co-founded Convenience Products Corporation (“”CPC””) to create a market for new technology-based products — prepaid calling cards and prepaid wireless. He conceived and implemented many of the merchandising, marketing, and technical innovations brought to retailers by the prepaid card industry. Convenience Products was purchased by ConQuest Telecommunications.

    Mr. Rubenstein’s broad expertise includes conceptualizing and building cost-effective, scalable, rapid production and delivery processes for data management. He holds a bachelor’s degree from The Colorado College and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business.

  • Armando E Viteri
    Armando E Viteri
    CEO & President - Neubloc

    Mr. Viteri is an entrepreneur and investor as well as CEO and President Neubloc. Mr. Viteri has become active in current AI projects as CEO of Neubloc but also as an active investor and mentor in this space. In addition Mr. Viteri heads up the AI Special Interest Group for Keiretsu Forum – one of the world’s most active early stage technology investment groups.

    Prior to Neubloc, Mr. Viteri was most recently President and CEO of RF Code, Inc., an emerging growth RFID solutions business where he successfully delivered premier RFID hardware and software products to market. Prior to RF Code, Mr. Viteri co-founded and served as president of Pinpoint Corporation, the industry’s first Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) company. Previous to Pinpoint, Mr. Viteri was executive vice president of TriTeal Corporation Following three private financings, Mr. Viteri played an instrumental role in TriTeal’s successful IPO in 1996 and secondary public offering in 1997.

    From 1983 to 1993 Mr. Viteri held various sales, marketing, and management roles with Sun Microsystems, Inc. Joining Sun during its start-up phase he held numerous technical, business development, and marketing management and was awarded as one of Sun’s 30 key employees to bring Sun public.

    Mr. Viteri has served on several technology company boards and variety of industry standards bodies. Mr. Viteri earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • Nissim Ozer
    Nissim Ozer
    General Partner - Techspring Partners

    At present Dr. Ozer is a General Partner and Chief Technology Officer of Techspring Partners (techspringpartners.com) where he provides the directions, guidance and oversee all Techspring Partners portfolios companies’ technologies. Techspring Partners’ current portfolios companies have lunched dozens of products, most related to data analytics, IoT, mobility, AI and Cloud-Computing.
    As a hands-on AI specialist Dr. Ozer is directing the development of big data companies like LiveCarta and CarWiser(https://livecarta.com, https://www.boostacquisition.com,) implementing machine learning technologies. He is also serving as a senior technical specialist for screening of startups & innovative AI technologies for the keiretsuforum.com AI SIG.
    Since 2009 to present Dr. Ozer is involved with GolemSystems as a principal partner and domain expert. GolemSystem and its “sister companies” focuses exclusively on providing DataScience based solutions and software development for everyday business, engineering, and scientific complex and labor-intensive tasks utilizing advanced mathematical and statistical technologies in patterns recognition and machine learning. In this capacity Dr. Ozer is composing, training and overseeing Data Science teams for fortune 500 companies.
    Before that Dr. Ozer served as the EVP of Eggs Overnight, a startup company that provides a comprehensive loss prevention solution for shipping in reusable containers for high-value, prone-to-damage products across the express parcel channel, utilizing cutting edge technology for real time tracking of shipments. In his hands-on approach Dr. Ozer set the product vision, strategy and road map, built from the ground up the Product Development and IT organizations, architected the system’s software and hardware, and implemented in timely manner the deployment of the system for customer use through an efficient Sales support organization that he structured.
    Previously Dr. Ozer has served as Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President at RF Code, an emerging growth RFID solutions business where he was instrumental in raising Tier 1 venture capital financing and delivered premier RFID hardware and patented software products to market. He was responsible for managing all aspects of setting product direction, execution, and IT operation. In addition to the above he had hands on development of advanced cutting-edge algorithms for real time location based on RF signals. He also served as the chair of the 5-M Software/Middleware Work Group within the AIM Global RFID Experts Group the industry larger international organization.

    Dr. Ozer received his doctorate degree in School of Engineering, Purdue University. As a post doctorate in Purdue University he developed, investigated and programmed, methods to enhance training of computerized classifiers (including: Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and parametric classifiers) controlled by an inference engine for explained predictions of machine vision and sensing of aromatic volatiles. During his tenure as research assistant Dr. Ozer supervised and directed personnel to conduct R&D experiments under stringent time schedules. Coordinated binational project (USA-Israel) including managerial and budgetary responsibilities for the development of a real time multi-sensor system. Managed a detailed concept, identified and integrated the hardware and software components necessary for a system for quality sorting. His research was accepted and broadly acknowledged in international conferences.

  • Ron Weissman
    Ron Weissman
    Chair, Software Group, Band of Angels; Vice Chair elect, Angel Capital Association

    Experienced venture capital and angel investor, focused on AI/machine learning and analytics, espeically as applied to deep vertical markets. Member, Board of Directors, Angel Capital Association (also chairman of the Governance Committee, Vice Chairman, Education and Smart Practices Committee and author of the ACA’s course on angel-stage Boards of Directors). Chairman, Software Industry Group, Band of Angels. More than seventeen years in global venture capital as a partner with Apax Global focusing on enterprise analytics and infrastructure, and fifteen years in angel investing. Invested in more than 70 companies and served on more than 40 boards. An additional focus has been on angel and entrepreneurial outreach to startup hubs globally regarding investing in AI, angel investing best practices, and corporate governance. Have advised angels, angel ecosystems, governments and corporate venture teams in Armenia, Germany, Republic of Georgia, Italy, Chile, Australia, Israel, New Zealand and across the US. Prior to joining Apax in 2000, was CMO at Verity, the industry leader in AI-powered enterprise information retrieval. Before Apax, was head of strategy and European marketing for NeXT, reporting to Steve Jobs. Formerly head of Academic Computing at Brown University, and Assistant to the President for Planning, DIrector of Academic Computing and Associate Professor of History at the University of Maryland, College Park. I’ve consulted for many government and private sector organizations in areas of information retrieval, early stage capital, innovation management, technology strategy and national security.

  • Simon Lau
    Simon Lau
    VP of Product - Otter.ai

    Simon Lau is a seasoned product leader with 20+ years experience building speech and AI-powered consumer and enterprise applications. He has led product teams at Oracle, Nuance, and Otter.ai. Simon holds both Masters and Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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