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Blockchain Series Part II : Blockchain in your everyday life

The MIT Enterprise Forum of South FL proudly presents these upcoming educational events. We are a non-profit volunteer organization that stages educational forums for the local South Florida business, startup communities and broader online community. Our topics focus on the intersection of emerging technologies and business trends’ impact on the business community. Join us to network and discuss the ever-changing dynamics of entrepreneurship and technology.

Blockchain has been around for a while and adoption has been growing for this technology. It is permeating key industries and will soon be integrated into today’s life. While most people associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies there are many more uses and applications beyond crypto. In the Blockchain Part II: Blockchain in your everyday life, we will bring blockchain experts dramatically changing their industries using blockchain technology and share with you real life use cases of how they are implementing these systems today.

Join us on February 23rd from 6-8pm EST and learn first hand how companies are using blockchain today and the impact it will have on everyday life.

This is a three part seminar that offers the basic framework for real knowledge. For Blockchain:

  • Part I: January 26th – So you think you know blockchain? 


Feb 23 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm




MIT Enterprise Forum SF


  • Aliya R. Aaron
    Aliya R. Aaron
    Founder and CEO of Nursing Innovation Hub, Inc.

    Aliya Aaron has over 20 years of experience in healthcare, research, business and technology. Aliya is the founder and CEO of Nursing Innovation Hub, Inc., a healthcare technology innovation company based in Miami, FL. NIHUB has been supporting nursing innovation and healthcare innovators globally since 2019. NIHUB partners with leading healthtech and medtech companies, organizations, small businesses, universities, research institutions, industry experts and investors to provide early-stage startup companies and innovators access to advanced technologies, education, tools, and resources to launch digital health solutions targeted at improving patient care. Aliya is also the founder and Managing Principal of AMR Healthcare Consulting, LLC , an award-winning healthcare technology consulting firm servicing healthcare organizations since 2010.
    Aliya recently joined the board of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Enterprise Forum of South Florida to promote and strengthen innovation in the region. She is a nurse leader on the executive steering committee of Together.Health, a collaborative focused on fueling the creation and adoption of digital health innovation nationwide. Aliya is a founding member of Texas Global Health Security Innovation Consortium, a consortium organized by The University of Texas at Austin that supports innovators and innovations fighting COVID-19 and future pandemics. Aliya is a Venture Scout with Score 3 Ventures, an angel network partnering with the nation’s leading incubators, venture funds, organizations and foundations to source, and support startups led by black, brown, and women founders. In addition, Aliya is a Nurse Leader with the Global Health Impact Network (GHIN), a strategic venture capital investment network and venture fund focused on investing in early- stage healthcare innovation.
    Aliya is the producer and host of the Nursing Innovation Hub Podcast and TV series, media that explore current trends in digital health innovation with some of today’s leading Nurse & Tech Innovators. Aliya has been featured on WPBT South Florida PBS, in Women in Tech Review, CIO Review, Med Tech Outlook, Legacy Magazine, Today’s Purpose Woman, Journal of Nursing Informatics, and International Archives of Nursing and Health Care.
    Aliya earned a Master of Science in Health Systems Management from George Mason University, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Winston-Salem State University.

  • Cecil John
    Cecil John
    Chief Executive Officer - Virtualdeveloper.com, LLC

    Cecil (CJ) John is an architect, and computer scientist and the inventor of the world’s first blockchain-enabled records management system. Probably. CJ is Chief Executive Officer of virtualdeveloper.com, LLC a Managed Microsoft Partner. Virtualdeveloper.com, LLC has won contracts with some of the largest organizations in the world including Ernst & Young, the U.S. Federal Government, and the IMF.

  • Dmitry Shklovsky
    Dmitry Shklovsky
    Co-Founder, CEO - QuikNode

    Over 15 years in the managed hosting, content delivery network, datacenter industry.

  • Faris Oweis
    Faris Oweis
    Instigator - Instigation Protocol

    Faris is a business builder and natural connector of ideas, people and places. His focus is on leveraging decentralized technology to more fairly distribute value in collaboration with governments and enterprise. He’s secured multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects in the Middle East, city contracts globally to encourage local economic development, and has championed blockchain in emerging markets in partnership with the United Nations.

  • Jemma Green
    Jemma Green
    Executive Chairman & Cofounder - Power Ledger Pty Ltd

    After completing a degree in finance, Jemma started her career in banking at J.P. Morgan in London.
    While there, she saw first hand the dilemmas and problems that came with bringing corporate social responsibility to the business world.
    After a decade in the UK, Green returned home to Perth to pursue a doctorate at Curtin University in electricity market disruption, which she completed in 2017.
    This work turned out to be the perfect segue to starting up her own business, a blockchain powered peer to peer energy and carbon credit trading platform called Power Ledger. The company is three years old and has projects in the US, Japan, Europe, Thailand and Australia.
    Somehow she found time to become Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Perth and a mother of three children. Jemma helped set up Australia’s first fossil fuel free superannuation fund‎ and has served on numerous boards championing sustainable business.
    She gives regular talks on technology and leadership in business and recently received the EY Fintech Entrepreneur of the Year award.
    She lives in Perth and invents Italian style dishes for relaxation.

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