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The way businesses have worked in the past will not be the same way business will work in the future. Since Covid-19 swept the globe, the direction of our future has become even clearer: what started as a few weeks of working from home has evolved into a catalyst for change regarding how we work and live.

Over 16 million US workers have transitioned to working from home, a new category of careers has been born under the title “essential workers,” and the average American has now begun to stream online content for 8 hours or more each day. It’s safe to say that the traditional definition of office life has been put to rest. But, now we are all left to wonder, what will replace it?

We are entering a new world of digital transformation. Digital tools and virtual meetings have become the norm. Come learn how industry leaders have adapted to the new digital world and used tools available across the web to create efficient and effective workflow and collaborative teams. Enabling them to build diverse teams, with specialized skill sets to take on challenging  tasks and goals. Hear about the challenges they have faced and overcame creating work life balance, building and scaling teams and cultivating a company culture that is forward thinking and collaborative. 

  • The evolution of telecommunications and telecommuting. 
  • Digitization of work enabling more of the workforce to be remote.
  • The progression of increased distributed workforces.

What does the future of work post COVID-19 look like? Is remote work better or worse for your company? Does it fit your personal work style? What are the negative sides of isolation and working from home? How do you train your teams to be successful? How do you cultivate effective communication habits between team members? How to keep your company and employees safe from cyber threats? Where does Mental health come into play?

These are a few of the questions we will be asking our panelists along with answering any questions you might have on the Future of Work. 


Sep 22 2020


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


MIT EF of South Florida


  • David McFarlane
    David McFarlane
    Venture Partner

    David has led multiple technology companies through scaled execution, overseeing funding and growth from early-stage to successful multi-billion dollar IPOs, M&A exits and private equity partial exits. David has built multiple go-to-market models from open source to enterprise sales typically from $5-100Million in revenue, across 40 countries. He’s experienced in raising capital from seed to private equity but has a special place in his heart for capital-efficient models.

    David is a venture partner at Companyon Ventures and Converge Venture Partners. He advises many different companies and enjoys working with early-stage businesses and serves on the boards of and lectures at both MIT Enterprise Forum and UMass Boston Venture Development Center.

  • John D. Saunders
    John D. Saunders
    Web Designer and Founder at 5Four Digital

    John D. Saunders is a Web Designer and Founder at 5Four Digital and an Automation Expert with a decade of experience building brands online. Working with brands like Land Rover, Audi and the NAACP, he has utilized Website Development, Standard Operating Procedures, Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy to create marketing campaigns that resonate with the consumer and drive consistent sales and conversions.

    John’s main focus is to provide VALUE to business owners and entrepreneurs through web design and marketing strategy. By launching an online course with more than 1,900 active students and building, scaling and selling three ecommerce businesses, John hopes to continue spreading digital marketing knowledge around the world while providing stellar marketing tactics to local and national business owners.

  • Victor Gregorio
    Victor Gregorio
    Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Penguin Computing

    Victor Gregorio serves as Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Penguin Computing, a global organization that specializes in delivering innovative Linux-based high performance computing and artificial intelligence solutions. He joined Penguin Computing in 2005 with over 10 years of previous experience designing and managing custom computing environments.

    While Penguin Computing is headquartered in California, Victor has worked from home for over a decade and manages several remote teams from his residence in Miami, FL. He is responsible for the IT technologies used by Penguin Computing to ensure a productive and secure remote workforce. Victor also leads various software development teams which deliver industry solutions that facilitate technical computing to organizations with large distributed workforces.

  • Wendy Wong
    Wendy Wong
    Director of Project Management & Quality Assurance in the Office of Information Technology at Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

    Wendy Wong is the Director of Project Management & Quality Assurance in the Office of Information Technology at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), a publicly-funded institution located in Boca Raton, Florida with close to 30,000 students.

    Wendy has extensive experience in Information Technology addressing implementations of complex and mission-critical systems including ERP, student information system, student onboarding system, university advising system, customer relationship management, CX portal and mobile applications. Wendy has over 20 years of technical and leadership experience in higher education. She joined FAU in 2002 as a web developer and her career has been on a positive trajectory advancing through various positions in the university ever since. Wendy is a proud FAU alumnus, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Management Information System, and she serves on numerous university committees. Wendy is well versed in project management methodologies and has an Executive Certificate in Project Management from FAU. In addition, Wendy is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and a Salesforce Certified Administrator (SCA).

    Wendy lives in South Florida with her husband and two children and is a Cho Dan (1st degree Black Belt) in Tang Soo Do.

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